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We find it important to create concrete benefits for our customers through our solutions. Often our customers are able to demonstrate the benefits brought by our systems with concrete figures. And what could be better than that? Precise calculations show that the investment paid off. We want our customers to be happy with both our products and the service they receive. We always stick to the agreed schedules and provide after-sales services that complete the package.

The references below illustrate how this works in practice. Find out more about smooth collaboration with us.

A Ferropower plant is an investment in the future

Ferroplan’s composting plant in Vietnam – a local tourist attraction

Sorting waste has become second nature to Finnish consumers, but in many developing countries, recycling is just taking its first baby steps. In Vietnam, however, recycling took a major leap forward in 2013 when a composting plant delivered by Ferroplan began operation in the province of Binh Duong, about 50 km from Saigon.

Vimelco: Waste to landfill reduced to a third

In 2013, Kymenlaakson Jäte Oy took a determined step towards more environmentally friendly operations in preparation for the ban on disposal of organic waste at landfill sites, entering force in 2016. Ferroplan delivered 14 belt conveyors to Vimelco Oy, which was responsible for the company’s waste-treatment line solution.


Do you need a new perspective on conveyor solutions for the sawmill industry or the mechanical forest industry? We offer a profitable and safe solution

Seamless flow of goods at a plywood plant in Punkaharju

Levypyörä hits the right note with streamlined operations

Levypyörä is a steel structure and wheel specialist located in the town of Nastola, near Lahti. Ferroplan recently delivered the company an L-shaped conveyor system complete with conveyors, rotary table and an unloading unit obtained by Levypyörä. The new system was installed at the unloading end of Levypyörä's paint shop.

A high-quality goods lift solves logistics challenges for KaVo Kerr’s maintenance team

In spring 2017, Ferroplan delivered an industrial lift to KaVo Kerr for transporting goods between two floors.

This LATE sorting station is a pioneer in recycling

For Päijät-Häme Waste Management, the new LATE sorting station in Kujala, Lahti, represents a major step towards the ambitious goal of a 50% recycling rate.

KalusteMuovi Virtala: Further boosts to production are in the works

In January 2016, Ferroplan supplied KalusteMuovi Virtala with an automated storage system for its work with plastic sheets. Built in connection with the cutting station, this wireless system comprises a vacuum lifting device, a beam trolley system, and 90 storage positions.

Center Master

We have a solution for your conveyor-belt mistracking problems

We offer individual conveyors quickly

Ferroplan delivers individual belt, chain and roller conveyors from a few days' notice. Call now!

Pallet dispenser – Pallet Master

Stack and store pallets in Ferroplan Pallet Dispenser

Valio: Efficiency rose by up to 20%

The customer was looking for a simple, easily maintained, and safe-to-use conveyor system for carts to use at its dairy in Riihimäki. Ferroplan offered a flexible system with a safety fence that can be opened anywhere along its length.

Nokian Heavy Tyres: Productivity increased by as much as 10%

In addition to improving occupational safety and quality, Nokian Heavy Tyres increased the productivity of its diagonal tyre production by up to 10% through the new green tyre storage system supplied by Ferroplan. Also, warehouse management improved considerably.

A new packaging line decreased the need for lifting by 50%

Ferroplan delivered conveyors for a Finnish component manufacturer’s packaging line. The new packaging line improved safety and reduced the need for lifting by 50%.

SKS Group: Order picking grew more efficient, and demand for space was nearly halved

Ferroplan supplied conveyors for plastic boxes to SKS Group’s component picking line in Vantaa. The delivery was part of a project to update the storage system for small items, involving an investment in automated warehouse systems.

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